Skunk Island Cannabis Co. is a Vancouver Island, BC cannabis research and development, consulting company. We specialize in quality cannabis clones and seeds, all while continually working to improve genetics in our hybrid seed strains. Skunk Island brand seeds will officially release in October of 2018 with six different strains of seeds available as we currently continue to offer a dozen strains via clones. Advocating for cannabis rather than traditional pharmaceutical medication, allowing people reasonable access to cannabis products is our mission with our new online, mail order cannabis dispensary and news website.

Passion for a supreme quality of cannabis flowers and extracts products, due to chronic pain, as well as a lifetime love of gardening lead to the creation of Skunk Island Cannabis Company. Cannabis, has for centuries been used as a holistic medicine or therapeutic treatment by several cultures and is proven to interact with the human endocannabinoid system which connects not only in our brains, also to our nervous system, muscular system and immune system. After decades of hobby gardening, cannabis has become an integral component of survival, inevitably gaining somewhat over due attention to sharing what we have attained and achieved by launching our online dispensary and cannabis plants sales.

Nebula strain

Nebula cannabis strain. This phenotype was selected by Skunk Island and made available as clones.

Featured in our, mail order, Canadian online dispensary are cannabis tinctures, topical treatments, capsules, edibles, indica, hybrid and sativa dried flowers, hemp oils, clones, seeds, beauty and healthcare products, for legal age, medical or recreation users alike. Informed cannabis product purchases can be made with the assurance of expertise, consideration and guidance from our experienced cannabis consultant.

Skunk Island strives to provide the highest quality products at the absolute lowest prices possible in Canada. Medical expenses need to remain low for patients in order for everyone to receive the best quality of life and we thoroughly put the effort in to source out the highest quality marijuana related products available here on the island.

Currently, we ship delivery orders across Canada only at this time, from our online cannabis dispensary.

Product payments are excepted by two methods, Pay Pal or Canadian e-transfer.

Absolutely, no minors.

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