Canadian Cannabis Genetics and Seed Bank List

Canada, namely British Columbia or BC for short, has produced countless high end cannabis genetics over the years. Vancouver is well associated with the cannabis scene around the world, on the same page for cannabis aficionados as Amsterdam, Jamaica and California. Knowing the Vancouver area is undoubtedly awesome, although not the only contributors to the cannabis scene in BC, as outside the mainland, several breeders are located on Vancouver island, the interior and even northern BC.
Since the 1980s and 1990s the cannabis scene spread across Canada with several breeders popping up around the country in the prairies, Ontario, Quebec and even the Maritime provinces. Several outdoor pot plant varieties have been produced for optimal growth for the region’s climate or disease and mold resistance as well as breeding strains for high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol or Cannabidiol, frequently referred to as THC or CBD. When we look at the vast number of weed strains developed indoors the genetics are more specific qualities, namely medicinal value, psychotropic effect and taste.
With legalization hitting Canada in October 2018, the cannabis breeding industry is in force swing once again. Canada has had numerous people and groups who took the risk to promote what they believed in before legalization, since the 1960’s. Here’s a thorough list of cannabis seed banks that breed seeds, right here in Canada:

1. BC Seeds

Claiming title of the world’s oldest cannabis seed bank in Canada and the US, Mr. BC Seeds have been breeding marijuana seeds since the 1970’s. Creating an astoundingly amazing 150 or more of his own strains, also including countless selections from various other incredible, long time breeders. Old school cannabis growers like Mr. BC Seeds are so far out and groovy, it’s totally out of this world man!

2. Jordan of the Islands

While I’ve never met Jordan, he is a total legend in my books with several other growers who can back that statement up. Jordan has some absolutely amazing strains, most notably the God bud as well as a wide range of blueberry cross varieties. Featuring over 70 well selected, optimal strains to choose from, Jordan has you covered across the Indica and Sativa spectrum in a way that even talented breeders are taken back by the knowledge and resources put into his cannabis genetics.

3. BC Bud Depot

With decades of breeding experience BC bud depot has earned its reputation as a trusted source for cannabis seeds. The high CBD God bud is certainly amazing. Nothing in the entire cannabis world says Vancouver Island winters to me like the fall harvest of Sweet Island Skunk. Beware of the prices considering there are several other breeders who have the same strains for lower prices, respectfully citing their well earned reputation of cannabis they have bred.

4. Beaver Seeds

Some really great marijuana strains here, nevertheless numerous experienced growers or enthusiasts alike probably didn’t know existed. Also included are classic favorites like Acapulco Gold to desired modern day up as well as up and comers.

5. Vancouver Seed Bank

A west coast classic and a historic group for supporting the growth of the cannabis scene in the last couple of decades, holding a solid reputation consistently over the years even with their way outdated website.
Dr. Seeds has decades of years of experience breeding cannabis

Dr. Seeds has decades of years of experience breeding cannabis

6. Upper Canada Seed Bank

Potentially Canada’s largest cannabis seed bank featuring pot seeds from weed growers across the globe to hum and ha over while choosing the proper strain for your grow.

7. Crop King Seeds

The King of cannabis seeds known for producing quality seeds and a customer satisfaction program that guarantees germination rate, considering their top notch directions used accordingly.

8. MJ Seeds Canada

A wide range of reasonably priced pot seeds from their own breeders and breeders from around the world. MJ seeds are a trusted source for your favorite kind, hippies take note on the play of words with that classic Hawaiian kind.

9. British Columbia Seed Company

Amazingly, well over 100 premium Ganja seeds produced by a dedicated group of growers who come up with wicked sticky strains. Decades of dope breeding by these guys has created some really magical cannabis wonders.

10. Farmers Labs

A wide variety of feminized seeds made from clones received from trusted sources. One of my favorite sources to order online from. These pot farmers got it right by selecting many top strains for breeding auto flowers as well. The A La Carte option let’s you choose single seeds of 12 different strains!
Crop King Marijuana Seeds

Crop King Marijuana Seeds guarantees germination rates

11. True North Gen (Canadian cannabis genetics)

The Strawberry bomb is an absolute must, including any of the bomber strains I’ve tried are great producers of high quality bud. Some of the other cannabis varieties look very sweet too.

12. Overgrow Canada

Dana Larson has most likely grown more cannabis seeds than anyone in Canada. An advocate and grower of hemp, Overgrow give away 100 seed packs of a high CBD strain called ‘freedom dream’ each spring to anyone with a Canadian address. While generally grown for edible seed production, these flowers have a nice calming effect when smoked rather than making you feel high.

13. Toronto Cannabis Seeds

Comparatively a smaller, yet worthy of being a notable breeder with mostly feminized strains as well as a solid reputation online. I have yet to have the fortune to use any of their genetics, however, I can only go off the word of a couple trusted buddies.

14. Next Generation Seeds

Home of Island Sweet Skunk, legend on Vancouver Island and still breeding since the 1990s. Check out some of the numerous different Romulan and Blueberry crosses out of a very wide range of next generation genetics here. While mostly selected for optimal growth in coastal climates, these strains are exceptionally disease and mold resistant, ideal traits for not only the west coast but also any temperate environment.

15. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Genetic breeders like Quebec Cannabis Seeds make me wish I had a warehouse or 12 to grow weed in. All kidding aside, there is a wide selection of high quality marijuana strains here, most notably, Quebec Gold, a Big bud x Skunk cross with a dreamy cerebral high that leads to relaxed and calm body stone.
Farmer's Lab Seeds certify their cannabis genetics

Farmer’s Lab Seeds certify their cannabis genetics

16. House of the Great Gardener

Hats off to any breeders who posted their laboratory test results for the strains they produced. Great Gardener will bring the house down, or up for that matter, with a handful of pleasurable, award winning cannabis flowers from this unique grower.
It’s spectacular to live in a country with an incredibly impressive number growers breeding cannabis strains and providing seeds for both recreational usage or medical benefit.
Any Canadian cannabis breeder missing on this list?