Cannabis plants left untouched in the wild, naturally drop their seed late in the fall time each year. This is how the cannabis plant spread in it’s native environment over the centuries. These cannabis plant’s would be sexed as male, female or hermaphrodite, containing both male and female parts, with the male plants dying off in late summer after they have pollinated the females, who in turn produce seeds upon pollination. Thus ensuring cannabis plant’s natural survival as the seeds germinate once spring has arrived, completing the plants reproductive cycle.

Cannabis seeds purchased today from local growers or marijuana seed bank suppliers have built upon the genetics of the absolute best cannabis strains from around the world, with the vast majority of cannabis varieties being bred for high THC content. Since the sensimilia revolution of the 1970’s, when it first became widespread knowledge to determine the sex cannabis plants, it has been more commonly understood that it is the flower of the female cannabis plant contains the greatest medical value.

It is important to know this when growing marijuana from seeds. Cannabis plants show their sex when they receive more darkness than light during a day cycle, this is known as being a phototropic plant. During this process the male plant produces pollen sacks that are used to impregnate the female plant which would then produce not only her flowers but also cannabis seeds. The whole entire concept of the sensimilia approach is to weed out the male plants, specifically only growing the female plants in order to have smokable flowers with no seeds.


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Shop Farmer’s Lab Seeds for high quality cannabis seeds


The challenges with growing from seed is determining the sex of a cannabis plant takes around a month, in rare instances, you may end up with only male plants, or your seeds may not even germinate at all.

Cloning cannabis plants are extremely handy when wanting to eliminate the possibility of male plants pollinating the female as well as saving a considerable amount of time in the process. Cannabis clones are cutting off selected female plants with genetics that are highly desirable to the user. This cutting, under the right conditions, grows their own roots. There is no time spent sexing a cannabis clone because it has already been done, therefore starting a grow with cannabis clones can save a month in your grow room.

Cloning is how many popular cannabis strains like OG Kush, Gorilla Glue and Grape Krush originally spread from grower to grower. Each new clone cutting can be grown through vegetation, then bud out or used as a mother plant. Mother plants are constantly left under vegetation light cycles, of either 24 hours on or 18 hours and 6 hours off, are used to produce new branches, which ultimately grow to be used as cuttings for new clones.