What do cannabis seed banks mean by feminized seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds have been on the market for years now in cannabis seed banks around the world, allowing growers to know for certain they definitely are producing female plants only and not males. Feminized cannabis seeds also allow growers to breed and cross genetics of a specific plant by harvesting female seeds. Creation of feminized seed involves collecting female pollen and spreading it onto another female plant.

How to create feminized cannabis seeds?

There are two ways to force your cannabis plant to produce female seeds. Using either colloidal silver and rhodelization, your favorite strain is save-able by producing a whole new batch of near identical plants, from your own homegrown pot seeds.


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How to make feminized cannabis seeds with colloidal silver?

Research and experience have proven that spraying colloidal silver on a female cannabis plant she will produce male like pollen sacks. These pollen sacks contain all female pollen and when placed on another female cannabis plants flower, creates a seed that will only produce female cannabis plants.

The method is to spray colloidal silver on a female cannabis plant once a week during the first half of flowering. At that point collect the pollen sacks and spread them on the flowers of another female cannabis to fertilize it. Generally, when growing to produce seed, expect your harvest to take an extra two to four weeks.

Choose whatever strain is prefered or available to create a cross breed marijuana plant or select a different phenotype sample of the same strain. Science is super cool!

Additionally, the second method for creating feminized pot seeds is the Rhodelization method, which is a less practical approach to grow feminized cannabis seeds. Moreover, Rhodelization is a process where the female cannabis plant will attempt to pollinate itself if it is not able to find male pollen. When a plant overgrows it’s regular harvest, or suffers from heat stress, female cannabis plants will self pollinate, creating bad genetics and conversely often results in superb strains. These pot plants will produce a small male section of each bud site that will eventually produce a female seed.

Seeds grown from these plants contain genetic traits of the exact same female plant when it has self pollinated. This means it is a female crossed with a female that will produce female seeds.

Where can I buy feminized cannabis seeds in Canada?

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