How do you tell if a cannabis plant is an indica or sativa?

Specifically, the short answer is a terpene named Myrcene, C10H16, considering laboratory results available or consequently the leaves of the cannabis plant show whether they are indica or sativa. Cannabis sativa will have long elated finger like leaves and a longer spacing between nodes on these tall plants. Indica strains produce a significantly smaller plant with short internodal spacing producing stubby finger like leaves, as the picture above depicts.

What is myrcene and how is it used to determine if cannabis is sativa or indica?

Myrcene is a commonly known terpene found in cannabis plant varieties and the most abundant terpene, having paramount levels compared to other terpenes in laboratory testing, especially when testing an indica strain.

Laboratory’s test cannabis samples for levels of myrcene, to determine when a cannabis plant is an indica or sativa. Lab results above 0.05% myrcene detected, is an indica, although if less than 0.05% myrcene is found, it is a Sativa, while a pure indica has more than 0.09% myrcene.

The couch lock effect when eating or smoking marijuana is attributed to myrcene. Medical patients experience myrcene as a sleepy feeling while others experience is relaxed.

There are also many health benefits with high levels of myrcene, while it is used to treat depression, insomnia, chronic pain, diabetes and many other health conditions.

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Why do mangos or hops help increase your indica high?

Mangos, hops and several fruits, nuts or flowers also contain the terpene, myrcene. Eating or drinking terpenes found in cannabis while high, actually increases the high especially when consuming edibles.

The more scientists learn about terpenes the stronger we can compliment our high. Go science go!