What are bag seeds?

Pot smokers often refer to cannabis seeds found in bags of weed as bag seeds and there is debate whether people should grow bag seeds or not. Bag seeds are cannabis seeds found in the bag they came in, which is the result of either the female plant being pollinated by a male plant or a female plant turning into a hermaphrodite plant, leading to the production of seeds.

Are bag seeds worth growing?

Bag seeds can absolutely grow dank weed and the reasons for growing bag seeds outweigh the reasons not to grow bag weed, however bag seeds rarely produce award winning genetics. Cannabis seeds produced by a male plant pollinating a female, who in turn create the seeds, will undoubtedly result in a cross breed of the two parent plants. Growers will have the best luck with growing bag seeds considering a male plant pollinated a female plant as this is the natural method. Hermaphrodite plants do not produce as high of quality plants, although it is common to procreate a solid harvest.

Should I grow bag seeds?

Compiled here are a few pro reasons why it’s okay to grow bag seeds, supported with a list of cons of situations you will not want to grow bag seeds. Professional seeds banks breed genetically superior cannabis strains, unfortunately the end users grow show can create seeds in buds that is intended for smoking while the seed is intended for growing.  

Pros to growing bag seeds

  1. Free seeds are always a welcome bonus, considering you don’t accidently smoke the seeds as that is a horrible taste. When bag seeds are all a grower has access to them, it’s difficult to not go ahead with germination, hoping for a dope F1 hybrid upon harvest, keeping in consideration that it does not always end up successfully.


  1. Knowing the strains of the bag seeds, it will grow as a cross breed of the parents, with the proper care, your bag seeds can grow AAA grade marijuana with the exception being hemp and high CBD seed varieties.


  1. Often cannabis growers stress out their female plants which in turn forces the production of female pollen therefore seeds generate. Fortunately, a female plant pollinated by female pollen will produce only female plants, therefore ensuring that the next crop has the potential to produce potent cannabis flowers as there are rarely male genetics.


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Cons to growing bag seeds

  1. Consequently, not knowing the strain of bag seeds are considerable reason enough to not growing bad seeds as it potentially is a low THC strain of cannabis or a phenotype that is low yielding.


  1. Premature seeds are well encountered challenges with bag seeds and undeveloped seeds will not germinate. Growers who never intended to grow seeds, realizing the plant’s purpose to harvest for high THC content rather than growing a full season, which allows seeds the time to mature, leading growers to prematurely crop out their plants when unwanted seeds start to form in an effort to save that THC content.

How to grow bag seeds?

Growing bag seeds is a last resort, although no different than growing any other cannabis seeds and the required steps for successful germination of cannabis seeds ensue accordingly. Take into consideration that vegetation and flowering stages are considerably different between indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis varieties as well as from strain to strain, sexing the plant to ensure it is a female also vital.