What is the best way to keep my bud fresh?

Marijuana flowers are kept fresh in a number of ways and doing so retains the potency of cannabis flowers. The best way to keep your purchased pot fresh is to store it in mason jars or any sealed glass jars. Open the jars every day or few days for a minute to let new air in and flip the buds over to ensure a more even circulation as well as stopping potential mold infestation. Ensuring cannabis flowers remain fresh while sealed, as potent as possible and preventing any mold problems from occurring.

Zip lock plastic bags are fairly effective and the simplest method to store cannabis, although plastic bags do have minuscule pores that allow air in so extremely long storage is not recommended. Considering your bud is stored in Ziploc bags, subsequently, be sure to leave a little bit of air in the bag when sealing it up, preventing mold issues while allowing cannabinoids to activate in the air.

Safe and hideaway storage containers usually don’t contain the smell too well and they do not seal air out, therefore it is not recommended to use these contains as a method to keep cannabis fresh.

Containers that seal tight are incredibly effective, although most are not made of earth friendly materials. Buying an additional product is excessive when an old glass jar is just as effective. While using glass jars is considered the way to go when storing weed, remember to open the jars every few days to let fresh air in. Old prescription bottles or old photography containers work well if it has a seal tight lid.

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Is freezing my weed effective? 

Removing weed in and out of the freezer every use will definitely dry weed out faster, therefore it is not recommended. Cannabis stored in a frozen state for longer than a few weeks starts to lose it’s desired effects of THC and other beneficial cannabinoids that were activated, accordingly, storing cannabis frozen for several months will result in an even less potent for smoking.

Live resin producers will freeze live plants for a few days while they make a few batches of resin, removing the plant matter as required. After the plant is chopped down, only the primary fan leaves are taken off the plant before freezing.

Time to wash out that old glass jam jar, then put your weed in it.