What are heavy or pure Indica strains?

A heavy Indica strain, also referred to as a pure Indica, creates a body numbing stone or a sedative couch lock effect. Laboratory testing of a pure Indica will contain results of 0.9% to 1.0% myrcene, a terpene found in all cannabis strains, furthermore any cannabis variety with more than 0.5% myrcene is classified as an Indica strain.

Pure Indica strains are generally the preferred choice for those suffering who chronic pain problems and sleep disorders, namely insomnia. Specifically, Indica strains originating from the Kush mountain range have long been noted as the preferred choice amongst chronic pain sufferers alike.

Top 10 Heavy Cannabis Indica Strains

1. MK Ultra
Named after the infamous US government LSD research project, MK Ultra is my favorite knock me off my feet and into bliss strain. It is also a well known favorite of all the OG Kush crosses.

2. Terminator Kush (Terminator OG)
New on the scene as a definite up and comer, Terminator OG earns its movie screen name. I’ll be back…after the couch lock wears off.

3. Pink Kush
Some may wonder why Pink Kush is on this list, however there is both an Indica learning hybrid and a pure Indica variant of this strain. Even many experienced users find it hard to smoke an entire joint of this powerful Indica.

4. Purple Kush
An absolute classic known for it’s body and mind melting high, as well as being a thick bushy plant. Likely the absolute best strain for relief of muscle spasms, it’s long lasting euphoric effects are very pleasurable as an additional bonus.

5. Critical Kush
Following in the footsteps of it’s parent, Critical Mass, this Kush is critical for those needing a little more CBD. Critical Kush is a well desired strain for inflammation relief and those looking for a slightly lower psychoactive high.


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6. Granddaddy Purple
Not only a great strain for physical relief, amazingly enough for an Indica the initial high is a euphoric cerebral buzz. As the onset of relief sets in, you will have relaxed into a state of blissful enjoyment.

7. G-13
Probably the most talked about cannabis strain story considering the mythic tales and true stories told of this US government developed strain. G-13 is a complete knock you off of your feet type of stone.

8. Afghani
This Landrace classic from the northern mountains of Afghanistan was the original strain that helped me determine that Indica was an excellent pain reliever back in the mid 1990’s.

9. Skywalker 
After battling off the dark side, we realize the force is definitely with us after a few tokes of this dream plant. Much like the force this cannabis strain relieves all, from pain, insomnia, depression and what have you.

10. Northern Lights
While much older, this absolute classic strain was made famous all around the world in the 1990’s. Northern Lights was the first time I recall actually knowing what strain I was smoking and this frosty beauty has stood the test of time, most noted for its stress relieve however great for all types of pain.

Bonus: Hindu Kush
Another Landrace variety of the Kush mountains, this classic smoke which has literally been used for generations as a source of mental and physical pain relief. If you have even been fortunate enough to have smoked Hindu Kush hashish, you will certainly understand the requirement of this strains attention.