What Sativa strains effects are creativity? 

Cannabis Sativa has a variety of cerebral effects that define the reason some people prefer smoking a Sativa strain. In the cerebral high of Sativa, the following effects are specifically sought after: Energy, Stress Relief, Happiness, Euphoria and Creativity.

Artists of all types generally prefer sativa varieties that have a creative stone as many users find it mind expanding and dreamy. The most famous, highly creative Sativa strain is arguably Purple Haze, furthermore, let’s look deeper into a wider range of popular Sativa strains with a creative high.

Here’s a list of the top 10 creative Sativa strains:

1. Orange Crush.
Orange Crush is not only a popular soda pop, it’s also an absolute joy to smoke this tasty, orange haired, beauty with its happy, free flowing, mind enhancing effects. New age Sativa strains such as this, developed by choosing a select Landrace phenotype of Orange Congolese, are destined to be a future cannabis hall of fame contestant as it rapidly builds a cult following on the West coast.

2. Great White Shark.
Treading thin water will be no problem once you’ve had a few puffs of this go getter. It’s Sativa strains such as the Great White Shark that will get you flowing enough to meet your deadline with ease and maybe even enjoy some beach time.

3. Amnesia Haze.
I find Amnesia Haze as very unique out of the range of varieties in the haze collection, possibly due to Amnesia Haze being bred by crossing a haze with an Asian cannabis strain. A truly different experience, even when compared with a standard haze Sativa, uplifting energy will have you flowing as you connect the dots while, later, attempting to recall where the entire afternoon went.

4. Purple Haze.
The classic Jimmy Hendrix experience of the 1970’s, growing under optimal conditions in modern day, will have you creating your own riffs and laughing along. You never know what you can come up with while in a haze like this, consider joining a rock-n-roll band.

5. Allen Wrench.
This Trainwreck crossed with NYC Diesel will keep you high almost as long as it’s flowering period. Okay, not that long, however, with 2 champion parents, if this strain makes its way around to more folks than a new legend may be born.

Dr. Seeds breeding countless strains of cannabis seeds for sale

Dr. Seeds breeding countless strains of cannabis seeds for sale

6. Jack Herer.
Jack Herer, the master himself, created this strain that not only gets the mind innovatively moving in a euphoric heady high. Jack is also considerable for pain relief, which makes this Sativa even more impressive.

7. Sour Diesel.
Sour D always is a blast of dreamy energy that gets the imagination flowing, as well as also having the punch to keep you going, building that next project, whatever it may happen to be.

8. Hawaiian Snow.
Snow in Hawaii is a dream come true for this frosty THC pure Sativa, triple crossed Haze, delight which tastes as outstanding as she looks, all the while creating a euphoric state of mind. Glimmering in up to 24% THC, experienced users will enjoy the giggles this strain creates before you set off head first for a couple hours fulfilling your creative urges.

9. Megalodon.
Megalodon is the monster strain that makes me want to say woo hoo! A fan favorite with the hardcore shatter crowd for its juicy resin due to it’s high THC content which provides a pure blast of euphoric creativity from the first puff.

10. Alaskan Thunder Fuck.
Whoa, slow down there, we can’t close out this creative list without first mentioning the experimental mindset effects of this legendary Sativa strain.

Bonus: Island Sweet Skunk.
Vancouver Islands most common winter strain the past few decades as outdoor crops are harvested this strain becomes plentiful and the islands creative juices come abundantly alive.