What is kush cannabis and why are there so many strains?

Kush is a strain of cannabis that originated from, or is crossed with, landrace cannabis from the Hindu Kush mountains that cross Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet and Nepal. Naturalized, or wild, cannabis have been harvested and cultivated in this area of Asia for centuries.

Connoisseurs often prefer kush varieties of cannabis as the taste is amazing, the high is pleasurable, while the fragrant smell of kush is extremely desired. Psychotropic effects of a kush cannabis strain are attributed to the generations of hand selecting genetically superior plants to breed and crossing them with strains from around the world, leading to the numerous strains available today. Expert cannabis breeders from across the globe developed countless cross breeds using strains from the kush mountains, seeking out high quality seed from cannabis specimens with desired traits.

Accordingly, all landrace kush strains are similar in structure, each strain slightly varies from high, taste and smell. Slight variances can be attributed to the local flora grown near landrace cannabis plants across the range of kush mountains. Genetic traits such as being mold resistant and adapting to cool temperatures vary from a Hindu kush strain from northern Afghanistan to a King of Nepal kush strain from Nepal.

Modern day cannabis breeders have cross bred genetics from everywhere in the world. A wide variety of indica and sativa strains have been crossed with many native landrace kush strains, from Master Kush to Critical Kush, OG Kush is the king of those cross breeds, with worldwide notoriety for this west coast masterpiece. OG Kush, not surprisingly, is the basis for countless  popular strains like MK Ultra, Skywalker Kush and Violator Kush. Conversely, OG Kush was a cross of cannabis plants from the marijuana overgrow project, which was shut down by authorities in Canada and the USA..


What are the top 10 Kush strains? 


  1. OG Kush – We can’t have a kush top 10 without this amazing legend. Very few strains top the taste and smell of OG while it’s effects come on strong. If there is a cannabis strain that’s useful for everything, this is probably it. Genetically, OG Kush is known worldwide, having been crossed, by breeders like Farmers Labs Seeds, with nearly every cannabis strain resulting in a wide new range of kush varieties.


  1. MK Ultra – A near classic kush named after the infamous LSD research project ran by the US government under the same name, rightly so for its near psychedelic experience. This strain is a cross between OG Kush and G-13, another government project. MK Ultra relieves chronic pain, insomnia as well as stress, all while overcome with a pleasant euphoric buzz.  


  1. Violator Kush – Happy, relaxed and euphoric indica stone, considered the ultimate updated version of all the Hindu Kush cross breeds. It’s super easy to grow and has above average yields for a kush strain. Notoriously, Violator has a heavy indica body buzz cures all, giving off a sweet, pungent odor in the process.


  1. Nova OG – Wow, it hits you from every angle, making this is one of my new favorite marijuana strains. With THC levels testing over 32% this sweet spice hits you the moment you realize how delightful it tastes. It’s genetic variety comes from Star Dawg crossed with OG Diesel.


  1. Critical Kush – Chronic pain patients appreciate this Critical Mass twist of OG Kush. A somewhat spicy tasting strain that is great for relief of muscle spasms and joint pain. At the end of the work day of working in the cannabis industry I like to smoke Critical Kush to lose the stress of the day, furthermore, it is also a nice smoke for those depressing winters and rainy days.
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Get your cannabis seeds here.


  1. Pink Kush – Two phenotypes of Pink Kush float around the cannabis culture scene. The first being my favorite, the heavy hitting indica that makes it difficult to smoke an entire joint. Secondly, the other phenotype boosts more hybrid traits with initial effects being more a cerebral high, along with a couch lock effect later on.


  1. Hindu Kush – Totally a classic kush strain that spread around the world, which has genetics touching nearly every popular weed hybrid, thanks to breeders such as Crop King Seeds. Hindu kush will help get you to sleep when the stress of pain keeps you up at night. Presuming smoking this variety is reminiscent of hashish from the good ole days, it’s due to the fact that this is the strain Afghanistan and Pakistani hash was based off of.


  1. Girl Scout Cookies – When a relaxing yet active and creative day is required, this OG Kush mix of Durban Poison will get the chores done. Similar to eating the real cookies, careful not to smoke this weed too late unless staying up all night rocking out is the ultimate goal, maybe keeping your hands off of the cookie jar isn’t such a bad thing.


  1. Afghan Kush – A total classic kush and choice producer for hash growers. The cannabis leaves on Afghan kush are coated in thick crystal trichome goodness. This strain is sedative in the most pleasant way. Have your snacks prepared for this one or you may find yourself ordering delivery.


  1. Purple Kush – Hard to close a top kush strains list without this amazing cannabis variety when the long lasting head high alone gets this long time favorite marijuana listed. This strain is great for all the typical reasons you would smoke kush, moreover Purple kush is one of the greatest strains to consume when overloaded with stress, depression or chronic pain. Purple kush is the child strain of Hindu Kush bred with Purple Afghani, creating a legend. Crop King Seeds have a spectacular Purple Kush strain available.  


Honorable mentions include, nevertheless are not limited to, Master Kush, Bubba Kush, Tahoe OG, Lemon Kush, Cotton Candy Kush, Fire OG, Alien OG, Skywalker OG, Bubblegum Kush, including a wide range of other wonderful kush cannabis strains available on the market.

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