Introducing the Skunk Island cannabis blog with a posting about getting greened out or feeling overwhelmed with anxiety is definitely a considerate concept worth discussing considering the psychotropic effects of getting high. Inexperienced medical or recreational users consuming cannabis may need tips on what to do if weed brings about an overly anxious feeling. Even as an experienced medical pot user, I’ve reached my limit which caused a panic attack when I took an excessive amount of marijuana gummy candies, on two separate occasions.

How do I stop the marijuana high?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the natural answer, although there are several ways to calm the anxiety of getting too buzzed from smoking pot or eating cannabis edibles.

CBD comes in a few forms and can be derived from a hemp or high THC strain. The most common CBD products sold in a dispensary are either powder capsules or CBD oil, which are extracted from the cannabis plant. When CBD is ingested in capsule form it will require 20 or 30 minutes to feel completely relaxed as your body absorbs the cannabinoid.

Have you ever eaten too much home baked, pot cookies or marijuana brownies?

Is it very easy to reach your bodies limit of THC with home baked cannabis edibles which are not laboratory tested. While the vast majority experience a pleasurable high followed by a long nap, sometimes cannabis users who have over consumed edibles react with a low heart beat, anxiety, paranoia or even sweating.

Water is most definitely your best friend as it raises blood pressure, therefore it’s important to have a glass of water while taking edibles. That’s right, a large glass of H2O with some deep breathing in between sips will help to calm down that restless feeling.

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What are other ways people can relieve the anxiety that some strains of cannabis cause certain people?

Try finding a relaxing environment to settle down in while taking a few deep breaths. Meditation will help ease the overwhelming feeling as well.

Black pepper is one of the oldest tricks not only for removing the effects of being high but any anxiety or panic attacks. A few shakes of pepper of your hand followed by directly placing the black pepper under your tongue, allowing it to dissolve is the ideal method. Consequently, within a few minutes, this will bring about relaxation to a normal state of mind.

Choosing the right strain of cannabis is vital to eliminate any uneasy feeling. If smoking cannabis does cause an anxious feeling, remember that smoking weed or consuming edibles alone will not kill anyone. Consider staying away from Sativa strains which users consume for their euphoric sensations, however, may invoke anxiety, furthermore choose a high CBD flower with no psychoactive effects or Indica cannabis product when needing THC instead.

Seeking professional medical consultation is always recommended, especially during situations where significant medical conditions already exist. Never hesitate to call a doctor or nurse line if needed at any time.