Cannabinoids are natural chemicals produced by a cannabis plant during growth or synthesized by heating cannabis, which activates the tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, used for medical or recreational purposes. Research from scientist’s are expanding the knowledge regarding these chemicals created by cannabinoids so we understand exactly how they interact with receptors in the brain and how they alter neurotransmitter release.

This list is the top 5 most well known Cannabinoids with details provided on their effects as well as what percentage each Cannabinoid tests at.

1. THC – mild to moderate psychoactive effect. Generally the most common cannabinoid in modern cannabis. Cannabinoid percentage is 0% to 35%.

2. CBD – non psychoactive, clear and calming. Second or third most common cannabinoid. Cannabinoid percentage is 0% to 25%.

3. CBC – non psychoactive, anti-inflammatory, anti-depression. First, second or third most common cannabinoid. Cannabinoid percentage is up to 56%, although usually less than 1%.

4. CBN – heavy indica experience and body stone. Commonality is determined in drying and heat processes of curing and decarboxylation. Cannabinoid percentage is 0% to 2%.

5. CBG – non psychoactive, light and happy, celebrial uplifting. Less abundant and rare. Cannabinoid percentage is 0% to 1%.

Significant, although, lesser known cannabinoids include THCv, CBDv, THCa, CBDa, Delta 8 THC, Myrcene, CBDv, CBL, CBE, DCBF, CBF, and CBT to name a few of the 120 plus researched cannabinoids.

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