What is a terpene or terpenoid?

Terpenes are chemical compounds based of carbon and hydrogen that produce a scent in plants, while Terpenoids are organic aromatic molecules that have been oxidized by drying or curing, creating the fragrance of plants and ultimately taste too. Terpenes are abundantly found not only in marijuana plants, they are common in several other plants.  

How do terpenes affect getting stoned?

Imagine walking into a room with scented candles or essential oils being diffused, accordingly these scents change your state of being based on how your mind reacts to the smell, exactly like in aromatherapy. When weed is smoked the terpenes also account for the attributed taste, which is part of the user enjoyment. How your body reacts to the taste and smell of terpenes contributes to the effect felt when getting high.

What cannabis products are high in terpenes?

Marijuana buds or flowers produce significant volumes of terpenoids, while the remainder of a cannabis plant produces little to no terpenes at all. The strain being smoked would determine the exact extent of which terpene the bud contains.  

Cannabis extracts like live resin, wax and essential oils all retain higher amounts of terpenes than shatter or distillate does, while hash and cannabis oil in the middle range.

Cannabis flower from any variety contain a significant range of terpenes. In fact, there are over 140 different terpenes that researchers claim can be found in different cannabis strains, some strains have over 60 different known terpenes alone, which explains why connoisseurs describe a wide variety of tastes from strain to strain.

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What varieties of plants contain terpenes?

Scientific research proves that every herb and flower is known to have terpenes as well as conifer and citrus trees. Some produce it in their leaves while others only in their flowers, trees and shrubs are included as well. The earthy smell is a terpene and a lot of people, often unknowingly, who like indica enjoy this scent. This is due to the fact it contains a high amount of myrcene which is a terpene known to have an earthy smell and taste, something that particular user enjoys.

Can terpenes from other plants increase my high?

Certain foods and odors can most definitely increase your high from terpenes. Consuming a mango while getting high you will feel more of an indica effect, due to mangos containing high amounts of the terpene, myrcene which is used to determine if cannabis plants have an indica or sativa stone. Levels higher than 0.5ml of myrcene represent an indica while less than 0.5ml of myrcene represents a sativa, notably a pure indicia contains over 0.9ml of myrcene.

Eating foods with high terpene levels will have a more noticeable stone while consuming cannabis edibles, furthermore, it does also increase the high while smoking cannabis as well, although there is less of an increased effect.

Several foods that have the exact same terpenoids as cannabis are broccoli, blueberries, strawberries, mangos, lemons, tomatoes, nuts and an entire range of different plants such as flowers or trees.

Many flowers around the world contain terpenes also found in cannabis such as lavender or eucalyptus. A lavender scented strain of cannabis would have similar effects since it is the same soothing feeling attained by exactly the same terpene in cannabis, although they are different plants.

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Am I allergic to weed or can I have an allergic reaction to cannabis terpenes?

Seriously consider consulting with a medical professional when required, although it is extremely rare to have an allergy to cannabis itself, it is possible to be allergic to the terpene. Some users find certain smells and tastes really disagree with them, although it is possible to have allergies to certain varieties of cannabis due to terpenoids. Using lavender as an example that invokes allergies, there is a lavender cannabis strain that causes certain users anxiety.