What is Cannabigerol or CBG in Cannabis?

Cannabigerol or CBG for short, is a cannabinoid most recognized as a clear headed high that is completely therapeutic. Significantly, like it’s cousin cannabinoid, CBD, cannabigerol is not a psychoactive cannabinoid. CBG was originally discovered by researchers in 1964 as a component of hashish.

Interestingly, CBG is now known as a precursor in a marijuana plants process to create both THC and CBD. This is a vital cannabinoid considering the cannabis plant requires it to combine with other enzymes to make the compounds that get us stoned or pain free. Without CBG there would never be development of the CBD or THC cannabinoids.

How does CBG affect my high?

Sedative and analgesic effects inducing a pleasant, soothing feeling as stress and anxiety rapidly disappear while lower blood pressure occurs. Accordingly, it may be best to drink a glass of water before consuming high CBG / high THC strains of marijuana.

Is CBG helpful for pain relief?

The CBG cannabinoid specifically targets mental stress and physical pain relief receptors as it is useful as both an antidepressant and a chronic pain reliever. Therefore, CBG is spectacular for depression and anxiety patients or chronic pain and physical disease sufferers.


What cannabis strain is high in CBG?

Certain Landrace and hemp varieties can maintain up to 2% of cannabinoids as CBG, which are referred to as the highest CBG content possibly available in a cannabis specimen.

Cannabis breeders in British Columbia are making more attempts to breed the well sought after genetic traits of CBG, so greater understanding is reached about this cannabinoid. Cross breeding of Landrace or hemp strains with newer genetics has created some interesting modern day cannabis strains. Higher levels of CBG are attained by cutting your crop a couple weeks prematurely.

Some early flowering strains have slightly more CBG nevertheless Landrace and hemp varieties ultimately contain the highest CBG content, hovering around 1 to 2 percent of cannabinoid content.

Smoking pot very high in CBG is a real treat particularly when considering the miniscule CBG amount found in most cannabis strains, it is also specifically rare to find high CBG strains containing high THC. Ultimately, high CBG / high THC cannabis varieties is a cannabis phenotype hunters dream!

Extremely high levels, up to 5%, of CBG are found in all of the following cannabis strains.

Allen Wrench


Magic Jordan

Mickey Kush