Experienced marijuana smokers are aware of the different effects Indica or Sativa can have. Is this the same for cannabis edibles?

Numerous medical marijuana dispensaries display edible cannabis products labelled Indica, hybrid or Sativa while other products only list the THC content level. Upon consumption, is there the same contrast from smoking Indica, or Sativa strains as with edible cannabis products.

Setting out to determine first hand if I can tell the effects of edible cannabis Indica vs. edible cannabis Sativa, in an edible cannabis test I decided to have an Indica day and a Sativa day. 

Beginning the Indica day started with a 200mg package of the Budibles gummy worms. Part 2 of the Indica test was 3 homemade cookies made with Violator Kush, a cannabis strain commonly known for its strong Indica effects. Yes, I am a heavy pot user, ordinarily, 200mg is an excellent start, conversely inexperienced consumer recommendation is to start with 10mg edible products. Drink the daily recommended levels of water required, whether consuming cannabis edibles, or not. 

Setting out for the Sativa day started with another product by the Budibles. Choosing the 200mg Sativa green frog gummy candies on the concluding day was a tasty decision. Dosage in the evening was 4 squares of cannabis infused brownies made with an energetic Sativa, Green Crack.

Testing Cannabis Sativa and Indica edibles

Starting off the Indica day began with 2, 50mg THC, of the Budibles cannabis gummy candies. Eating the rest of the pack about an hour later, which is always my preference to break up my dosage when taking cannabis edibles. Breaking your dosage up is the safest method of edible consumption and avoids wastage as well as preventing over consumption. Being a heavy cannabis user with chronic pain, soon after I could feel the effects and it did lean to the Indica side. Eating cannabis oils are a great way to relieve chronic pain, consequently, I got a few chores done around the house in preparation for our move.

After about 2 hours after eating cannabis indica edibles I still felt like smoking a joint or bowl even though I had some nice relief. Ultimately, I was testing edibles so I moved on to Indica day part 2.

Cookies infused with the Violator Kush strain were not only tasty, additionally they packed that pain relief punch I was looking for. Initially, the pain relief effort got me moving, although I spent the rest of the evening only doing the basics like eating and after a few hours of screwing around I went to bed early that night. Totally heavy hitting Indica effect with 300mg added after the first 200mg earlier that day.


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After a refreshing night of sleep, I started day 2 of my cannabis edibles test, this time with 200mg in a Sativa strain from the Budibles. The Budibles are great tasting candy for the record. Once the effect hit, I got some writing done and more done for my move than the day before, although not much, while I felt Rockin’. Easily, I had a more creative approach to the Sativa day and the day seemed more fun. When I felt like smoking pot I knew it was time to move on to cannabis Sativa edibles day part 2.

Martina, a good friend, made some wonderful cannabis brownies from a nice Sativa strain called Green Crack. Now I love brownies and getting high, so I decided to munch on a couple extra pieces while we chatted for a couple hours watching weed TV. Martina is an up and comer in the local edible cannabis scene in B.C.. She even produces a cannabis infused chocolate sauce for her brownies that is extremely delicious.

Considering the high from the cannabis Sativa brownies did induce an incredibly energized feeling, ultimately that never resulted in increased productivity once the initial effects had worn off. Furthermore, the difference between cannabis Indica edibles and cannabis Sativa edibles is not as great as the difference of smoking Indica, or Sativa. Noticeably, there are different effect between Sativa and Indica however, I also notice that taking edibles made for generally less productive days compared with smoking marijuana. Reaching the end of either, an Indica, or Sativa, edible resulted in restful nights of sleep, the sativa took a while longer to induce drowsy effects.

Do you think there is a big difference between Indica and Sativa cannabis edibles?

Drop a comment below.

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