What is Cannabichromene or CBC in cannabis plants?

Cannabichromene or CBC is a common cannabinoid found in marijuana plants. CBC cannabinoid is not psychoactive, consequently it does not provide the stoned effect we associate with THC. Alongside other cannabinoids it provides a number of positive health effects for numerous types of physical and mental pain.

CBC helps the cannabis plant with antifungal properties and is excellent for a number of health problems. Amazingly, CBC is an antinociceptive which provides pain relief for a great variety of chronic pain symptoms and when used in combination with other cannabinoids, Cannabichromene helps provide relief for people with depression, inflammation, and tumors. Furthermore, being one of the commonly known about cannabinoids, plenty of research currently is actively being completed on CBC’s effect on cancer cells and tumor growths in order to determine exactly what else this cannabinoids health benefits are.

Terpene Botanicals - Extracts

Terpene Botanicals – Extracts

What cannabis strains are high in CBC content?

Undoubtedly, the CBC cannabinoid is a common and abundant phytocannabinoid. CBG is the precursor to CBC by a natural conversion of enzymes. Natural conversation also occurs in decarboxylation, whether from the sun’s heat, placing cannabis in an oven or even smoking a bong hit. Cannabichromene is interesting in that it shares the same chemical makeup as THC and CBD, however the molecular arrangement is different, therefore causing a different effect. Consistently, Landrace varieties are most abundant in the cannabinoid CBC, however the sensimilla revolution of 1970’s and decades of breeding for THC since has CBC as the second or third most found cannabinoid in cannabis strains today. Notably, younger cannabis plants are higher in CBC content, accordingly, harvesting early will result in higher CBC content. 

High CBC strains

Jorge’s Diamonds

3 Kings 

Landrace strains from India

Early harvest

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