What are terpenes or terpenoids?

Essentially, Terpenes are a large group of diverse organic compounds made up of hydrocarbons found in a wide range of plants and even insects. Laboratory tests prove up to 30% of the scent of cannabis come from terpenes with flavonoids, making up the rest of the smell factor. Interestingly, the terpenes provided by any strain smoked will affect the high users feel, furthermore, cannabis growers can influence the terpenes and flavonoids produced by differing nutrients and fertilizers. Notably, research and laboratory testing on myrcene determines whether a plant is an indica or sativa.

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Here is a list of common top 12 terpenes found in cannabis, including the scent and taste associated with each one.

  1. Myrcene – hops, earthy, musky
  2. Pinene – pine, sage, rosemary
  3. Limonene – citrus, lemon, immunostimulant
  4. Bisabolol – chamomile, soothing, anti-irritant
  5. Caryophyllene – herbal, spicy, peppery
  6. Terpineol – lime, lilac blooms
  7. Carene – earthy, pine, pungent
  8. Borneol – minty, perfume, skin irritant
  9. Linalool – lavender, cinnamon, cypress
  10. Camphene – herbal, woody, minty
  11. Eucalyptol – eucalyptus, methane, anti-inflammatory
  12. Nerolidol – bark, citrus, woody

Additionally, phellandrene, phytol, humulene, pulegone, bergamotene, farnesene, elemene, fenchol, aromadendrene, are terpenes and as legalization occurs worldwide, scientist’s research more on cannabis, resulting in learning significantly more about the specifics of different terpenes and terpenoids.

What are your favorite taste or scents from terpenes in cannabis?

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